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International Packaging Innovation Forum 2023

Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, China

The International Packaging Innovation Forum (IPIF) 2023, organized by RX Global, was successfully held from October 13-14 at the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, uniting industry leaders to advance sustainable packaging. The forum featured experts, influencers, and professionals from various sectors of the packaging industry, including associations, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, and recyclers. They shared insights on the latest industry policies, regulations, and trends in sustainable packaging.

This year's IPIF focused on "Industry Collaboration to Promote Sustainable Packaging Development." The event featured two main sessions on the first day, "Cutting-edge Trends" and "Packaging Innovation," exploring new challenges and opportunities in the sector. The second day included eight sub-forums covering diverse areas like snack foods, personal care, automotive, beverages, and e-commerce, discussing the role of packaging in enhancing brand value.

Alongside the forum, the Packaging Innovation Exhibition Zone provided a platform for networking and collaboration, showcasing innovative products and solutions from leading suppliers and manufacturers. The IPIF Talk featured new product launches and the latest advancements in packaging innovation and sustainability. Additionally, the "Blue Planet" Sustainable Packaging Competition, in partnership with PACKCON STAR AWARDS, highlighted global achievements in sustainable and innovative packaging, promoting environmental stewardship and technological advancement in the packaging industry.


Date: 13-14 October 2023

Venue: Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, China

Event Highlights:

  • Participation of over 800 Brand Owners
  • Engagement with more than 300 Packaging Suppliers
  • Insights from 150+ Expert Speakers
  • Involvement of 80+ Delegates from various Institutions and NGOs

PICJOY's Creative Role:

  • Crafting the Key Visual (KV) Design
  • Developing Extensive Event Materials: Stage Setup, Backdrop, Directional Signage, Certificates, Gift Boxes
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