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The Official ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group Publication

G20 Executive Talk Series for G20 Hangzhou, Chin

The "G20 Executive Talk Series" is an official publication of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) G20 CEO Advisory Group, aimed at providing a platform for showcasing perspectives and recommendations from global business leaders, particularly on global economic governance and international trade issues. As a publication of the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group, this book compiles a series of articles, analyses, and interviews, covering a range of topics from the global economy and trade to sustainable development and the digital economy, reflecting the private sector's viewpoints on these critical issues.

Key aspects of this book include:

1. Rich Content: The book includes analyses of the current global economic situation, discussions on the international trade environment, and in-depth explorations of key topics on the G20 agenda.

2. Expert Perspectives: It gathers insights from CEOs and senior business leaders from various industries and regions, offering a diverse and comprehensive perspective.

3 Policy Impact: Serving as a channel for dialogue with G20 leaders and policymakers, the publication plays a bridging role in global economic policy formulation.

4. Target Audience: While primarily aimed at business leaders and policymakers, this book also reaches a wider audience including scholars, economic analysts, and anyone interested in global economic issues.

In summary, the "G20 Executive Talk Series" as an official publication of the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group, is not only a platform for presenting the opinions of global business leaders but also a significant tool in influencing the global economic agenda.

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《G20高层对话系列》是国际商会(ICC)G20首席执行官咨询小组的官方出版物,旨在提供一种平台,展示来自全球商业领袖的观点和建议,尤其是关于全球经济治理和国际贸易的问题。作为ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group的出版物,这本书汇集了一系列文章、分析和访谈,内容涵盖了全球经济、贸易、可持续发展、数字经济等多个方面,反映了私营部门对这些关键议题的看法。


1. 内容丰富:包括对当前全球经济形势的分析、对国际贸易环境的探讨,以及对G20议程中各项重点议题的深入讨论。

2. 专家视角:这本书汇聚了来自不同行业和区域的首席执行官和高级商业领导人的观点,提供了一个多元化和全面的视角。

3. 政策影响:作为与G20领导人和政策制定者对话的渠道,该出版物在全球经济政策制定中扮演着桥梁角色。

4. 目标受众:不仅仅是商业领袖和政策制定者,这本书也面向广泛的读者群,包括学者、经济分析师和对全球经济议题感兴趣的人士。

综上所述,《G20高层对话系列》作为ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group的官方出版物,不仅是一个展示全球商业领袖意见的平台,也是一个对全球经济议程产生影响的重要工具。