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UN Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP 28)

United Arab Emirates

The UN Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP 28), held from November 30 to December 12 in the United Arab Emirates, is a key global event focusing on accelerating global climate action. This conference gathers delegates and participants from around the world to address the worsening climate crisis, with a clear goal to act on climate commitments and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

At this crucial conference, the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, emphasized the importance of action over symbolism, urging world leaders to ensure that their presence at the conference translates into meaningful agreements and policies. The message is clear: COP28 is not just a photo opportunity, but a decisive moment for concrete climate action.

In the context of this important global conference, the World Health Organization presents a book narrating the dire consequences of climate change in Iraq’s marshlands. This book is a vital contribution, highlighting the devastating impacts of environmental degradation and climate change on health and society in Iraq. It details the severe water crisis, health challenges, and the socioeconomic impacts faced by Iraq due to the depletion of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, among other environmental issues. This book serves as a poignant reminder of the broader implications of climate change, reinforcing the urgent need for global cooperation and decisive action, as emphasized at COP 28.

Date: Nov 30 ~ Dec 12, 2023

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2023年联合国气候变化大会(COP 28),于11月30日至12月12日在阿拉伯联合酋长国举行,是一个关注加速全球气候行动的关键国际事件。此次会议汇聚了来自世界各地的代表和参与者,共同应对日益恶化的气候危机,明确目标是实现气候承诺并将全球变暖限制在1.5°C以内。


在这一重要全球会议的背景下,世界卫生组织呈现了一本书,讲述了气候变化在伊拉克沼泽地带来的严重后果。这本书是一个重要的贡献,突出显示了环境退化和气候变化对伊拉克健康和社会的破坏性影响。它详细描述了伊拉克由于底格里斯河和幼发拉底河的枯竭等环境问题而面临的严重水危机、健康挑战和社会经济影响。这本书是对气候变化更广泛影响的深刻提醒,强化了在COP 28上强调的全球合作和果断行动的迫切需要。